Educational Activities

Educational Activities

K-12 CBSE School (Proposed)
Pragyan International University
Indian Board of Alternative Medicines
University Service Providers

The Agarwal Family Office has kept Education close to its heart and has been regularly involved in Educational activities over the years.

Agarwal Family Office is currently planning on opening a K-12 CBSE School in Kolkata and is in the process of identifying an appropriate Land for the same.

Agarwal Family Office has enacted Pragyan International University, a Private University duly approved by UGC, Government of India, in Ranchi, Jharkhand. However, the University or its activities have not been started yet.

Agarwal Family Office was running Indian Board of Alternative Medicines (an Autonomous Institution for the promotion and propagation of Alternative Medicines, viz. Naturopathy, Yoga, Acupressure, Reiki, Nutrition, etc.) since 1991. However, the Institution was closed in 2017 owing to some practitioners of Alternative Medicines indulging in malpractice and cross-practice of Allopathy in the garb of Alternative Medicines, resulting in the Government closing down all Institutions of Alternative Medicines in West Bengal. The matter is currently subjudice as the Institutions cannot be held responsible / liable for wrongdoings of its students.

Agarwal Family Office has also functioned as a Service Provider to several UGC, Government of India approved Universities in India, enrolling thousands of students for them from all over the nation. However, with changes in policies of the Government towards Distance Education and territorial restrictions imposed upon Universities, the Office no longer offers these services.